Creating rugged elegance with passion

About Rea

Rea Harfield

The natural beauty of Vancouver Island really inspires me. Riding through the magnificent rain forest with my horse or exploring the beaches with my dog provide me with unlimited design ideas.

My jewellery is hand fabricated using ancient techniques such as fusing, granulation, engraving, and repousse. These combined with modern processes such as salt water etching and a rolling mill help create the depth and texture I see in nature.

The iron pieces are fused with high karat gold, silver, gems, pearls, and even pebbles from the beach, are incorporated to add to their uniqueness.

My silver jewellery is made with multiple layers of textured silver sheet which are fused together. 18 to 24 karat gold is added for extra richness.

Both rugged & elegant…

The jewellery I make imparts a look of substantive power and beauty, which is industrial yet feminine. Wear them in the morning on a hike, and in the evening to the theatre.

I sincerely hope that my work evokes a grounded, happy, “feel-good” sense of well being in you.

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